Sunday, July 8, 2012

Negotiation training benefits

The potential benefits to your business of ensuring that your key people are properly trained in negotiating skills include …..
1.   Financial benefits – Ensuring that commercial contracts and agreements with customers and suppliers offer mutually beneficial terms.

2.   Relationship building – Approaching and managing the negotiation process in a co-operative and positive manner means that a negotiated solutions should work for both parties and will help to strengthen goodwill for the future

3.   Sustainable agreements – When negotiation has been conducted effectively it will result in an outcome to which both parties are more committed – meaning that it is more likely to endure over time, rather than one of the parties seeking an "out-clause"

4.   Self-defence against other parties who attempt to engage in manipulative tactics

Many of us in business recognise the importance of negotiating outcomes which are win-win ...... Negotiation training can help to equip your people with the skills that are needed to achieve fair outcomes which will work for both parties.

If your business is looking for an in-company course, visit Negotiation Training Canberra for an overview of training course content. You might also like to look at What is negotiation