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Business to business negotiation is common. Many of us in the workplace are required to negotiate with either suppliers or customers over issues such as quality, cost and delivery dates. But the world of business, and the way in which your key people need to approach negotiation, has been changing. Our Negotiating Skills training will help them adapt to this change in culture - where the emphasis is now on relationships.

Doing business with partners

Having established my corporate training business, Performance Development, more than twenty years ago, my observation is that more and more companies are seeking to build partnerships with their customers and suppliers. These companies are looking to forge long term relationships. They are not after the “quick buck” that might be made at the expense of goodwill, because they want repeat business

Win-win negotiating

But what does this trend mean for the way in which these companies approach negotiation when they are doing business?

Well for one thing, when you are negotiating with someone that you regard as a partner, you are going to watch out for their interests - and not just your own. This is the mindset which drives the desire to negotiate towards reaching “win-win” outcomes.

In other words, with a partner your goal is to reach a fair deal that will work for the both of you. Also, when you’re negotiating with a partner, you tend to do at least as much listening as you do talking.

It's not just the price

There's no question that we still regard the price we are paying for our goods and services as important ..... but price should not be your only consideration.

More of us are looking at the totality of the “value package” when making decisions about who we want to do business with. The reputed reliability of the other party, their trustworthiness and the extent to which they invest the extra time to understand our needs so that a tailored solution can be found  …. All of these factors must be weighed up carefully in our decision making – and often will need to receive at least as much weighting as the price, when we are selecting a supplier.

Negotiation skills training around Australia
We can deliver our negotiation training course to your workplace - in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Canberra

The Negotiating Skills intensive course that we offer will provide your staff with the tools and techniques needed to approach negotiation in a confident and collaborative manner ........ However participants also gain the ability to defend both themselves and your company against other parties who may ne adopting a more manipulative or combative negotiating style.

The effective negotiator is flexible; they prefer to play win - win. However, they can adjust their style to the different circumstances they face. They prepare thoroughly, and they recognise when and how to make concessions - but they always know how to ensure that a fair "quid pro quo" is attached.

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