Negotiating Pitfalls

This short video clip features an extract from the British version of "The Apprentice" and shows one of the most common negotiating pitfalls that many people in business tend to fall into.

In the clip, he thinks that he's negotiating - but he's not. All that he does is simply makes concessions when he drops his price ....... he needs to learn that negotiation is about "give and take". In other words he should have been attaching some conditions to his concessions - and also, should have slowed down considerably.

Six common negotiating pitfalls
1. Inadequate planning and preparation

2. Becoming too rigid and failing to consider all the options
3. Too much talking and not enough listening
4. Making concessions too quickly, when trust is low
5. Attacking the person rather than the issue
6. Not enough attention to the details of any agreement

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