Negotiating Tips

Negotiating Tip # 1 - Approach negotiation with a co-operative mindset

William Ury is internationally respected as a negotiation skills author. In the following short video clip he speaks about how to move negotiation away from a game of confrontation to one of co-operation.

He makes the important point that we need to stop reacting to what may be happening, and instead start choosing how we will respond in the negotiation. This becomes easier when we learn how to detach ourselves so as to recognise all of the options we truly have

Negotiation Tip #2 - Build the right climate

Another video clip with William Ury speaking again about how to vreate a negotiating climate that will enable a more collaborative approach to resolving differences

Negotiating Tip @3 Learn to say No

In order to be able to get to the best deal, you've got to be able to say No and recognise when to say Yes

Negotiating your salaryHere's some great tips to help you negotiate your salary raise

Negotiating Tips with Dr Phil

Be prepared, be positive and be persistent .......some good essential negotiating tips offered by this speaker on one of Dr Phil's shows