Win Win Negotiating

We often hear about whether a negotiating strategy is either win-win (integrative) or win-lose (distributive)  focused. The following video clip nicely summarises some of the key principles that underpin the use of the win-win negotiating strategy and also looks at how to negotiate with different types of stakeholder relationships within a project.

Negotiation is about people

At the end of the day, it's the relationship that you are able to build with the other party that can be just as important as the substance and content of the negotiation itself..

Although there are times you have to negotiate with people that you don't like or don't care about, it becomes less likely that you will achieve a collaborative outcome because the trust levels will likely be low ......... 

When we don't care about the relationship and we just want a result, then chances are that a more competitive negotiating style will come into play. In other words, we are just focused on getting the best outcome we can for ourselves. This is quite common when parties are negotiating on a so-called transactional basis - in other words, it's a once-only deal and the parties probably won't see each other again

However, today's workplace is such that most people need to work together on an on-going basis and therefore the relationship and the goodwill factor become important in how the negotiation process is managed. Therefore you need to be prepared to work towards an outcome that all parties feel is "fair" if you want a good working relationship for the future.

It can take considerable skill to achieve a win-win outcome in complex negotiations, so think about whether some training might help to build this capability - check out Negotiation Skills Course Canberra